Sponsor our Roundtables
Sponsoring a round table discussion allows you to position
your brand as a solution provider on any key issue that the
events community faces. Sponsors can attend themselves,
if they feel they can add some real insight to the
subjects being covered.

Why Sponsor

Credibility: Exposure to high event professionals. Shows your commitment to pushing the industry forward
Grow our industry: Be a solution provider to some of the biggest influential event planners in the industry - host to relevant discussions
Increase network: Gain exposure,, competitive edge, network with high professionals
Potential future business: These are event planners that work for the top companies, that will invest highlighting in quality venues, propelling venues business dramatically

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Sponsorship Enquiries

Partnerships for events like this aren’t just designed to be useful on the event day itself - if you choose to sponsor one of our discussions, your investment will be put towards an all-inclusive 6-month campaign that sees your brand champion a specific subject before, during and after the event itself. Round tables are designed first and foremost as a tool for honest and frank discussion with high-value event professionals – relationships forged at these events are long-lasting and hold continued business over time.