We are the rising stars
Not even a global pandemic can halt talent and creativity. Those selected for
the class of 2020 have gone above and beyond over the past 12 months, pushing
their business and our industry forward; achieving fantastic results under the
toughest of circumstances.  The future looks bright – take a peek.

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Being a part of the CN30 alumni goes beyond just the ceremony – once you become part of the scheme, Conference News will look to you as a key influencer within the industry, and therefore an opinion that we’d cherish when it comes to new content, round table discussions, or indeed judging or various awards that we host.





Meet the Judges

We’ll be forming the judging panel for the 2021 ceremony over the next 6 months – for now, you’re more  than welcome to take a look through our panel from 2020 to gauge the level of industry figure that will view your submission.

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Explore our Rising Stars

The Conference News team is extremely proud of its
alumni, always keen to hear their views in interviews,
roundtables and panels and a number of all the ’18,
’19 and ’20 graduates have gone on to achieve
spectacular successes which have been
documented widely in the magazine and online.

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